Knicks Visit to Golden State Marks Top Price for Team in March

The New York Knicks are going hard for the highest chance to get the No. 1 pick in the 2015 NBA Draft. To start the month of March, the Knicks have lost by 38 to the Sacramento Kings, 23 to the Indiana Pacers, six to the Pacers on a road and home back-to-back, and finally, 28 to the Denver Nuggets.


There are not many, if any, reasons to be hopeful for the remaining games in 2015. Wanting the team to win at this point would be a detriment to their long-term rebuilding plan, but watching them be non-competitive night after night is agonizing for a fan of the team. This lose-lose 2015 season continues on with five straight road games including their loss to the Denver Nuggets on Monday night. To round out the Knicks’ schedule this week, the Knicks play the Utah Jazz on Tuesday night, the Los Angeles Lakers on Thursday night, the best team in the NBA on Saturday night in the Golden State Warriors, and finally, the Phoenix Suns on Sunday night.


According to, the highest average ticket price is $253.35 on March 14th when the Knicks show up against the Golden State Warriors. The least expensive game is tonight, March 10th against the Utah Jazz at EnergySolutions Arena. It is socks giveaway night in Utah, so at least there’s a parting gift.


Although there’s not much to play for until this season is over, it can be a Knicks’ fans opportunity to sit in some awesome seats with lower prices for Knicks tickets at MSG. If there’s one way to take advantage of this season, this is the time to jump on some killer prices for good seats.

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